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        Honeycomb Floating

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        Honeycomb floating plate:

        1. The fully wetted honeycomb floating plate eliminates the oil and gas space and can effectively prevent the volatilization of oil and gas. The energy saving effect can reach 99%, and the safety, environmental protection, economic and social benefits are excellent. This excellent design has been licensed and affirmed by multinational patents. The product adopts materials that meet the requirements of different liquids in the ASTM material specification. It provides high-quality, strong corrosion resistance, and good tensile strength. The fully wetted honeycomb floating roof structure.

        2. The fully wetted honeycomb floating tray is designed to implement the world's latest safety and fire protection standards, and it complies with the NFPA?11 standard of the American Fire Protection Association. It extinguishes fire quickly and saves the cost of fire fighting equipment.

        3. Fully wetted honeycomb floating plate is standardized and modularized to produce parts, with few floating plate parts, easy and quick installation and construction.

        4. The fully wetted honeycomb floating plate has the advantages of stable main structure, high strength, light weight, compact structure, good shock resistance, and long service life. It is suitable for all storage fluids. It is a storage tank with better sealing effect and novel design. Sealing means. The overall strength of the floating disk is several times more than the design standard of various assembled inner floating disks.

        5. The fully wetted honeycomb floating plate has been widely used abroad, and the users have received good feedback.

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